We got a lovely send off at the station (despite the early start) and thoroughly enjoyed the trip down to Lima on the second highest train route in the world. It was a familiar route, since it largely follows the road, but much more slower-paced which gives you more time to appreciate the stunning views.

It was a public holiday today, so we had planned to go with friends, David and Charito and Cesar and Haydee, to the waterfalls behind Ingenio, since none of us had ever been. Unfortunately, Rachel was feeling a bit under the weather, but insisted that the rest of us went anyway.

After the success of our last hike, we decided to be a bit more ambitious this time, with a walk between the villages of Quilcas and Ingenio, but not by the direct road, but by hiking over the mountains. This meant climbing up to just over the 4,000m mark and walking a distance that must have been approaching 10 miles. It was well worth it for the views.

Not only did the Saints win away at league ¬†winners, Brighton, but we went on a lovely walk near San Jeronimo today, going up to some ruins (pre-inca grain storage in the wind on top of a hill – a bit like a 500 year old fridge!)¬†a shade under 3,800m. The ruins weren’t so impressive, but the views definitely were!!

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