As a final send off and to get in with the Peruvian custom of throwing a baby shower whilst they still could, our friends David and Charito and Cesar organised a lovely evening with a few friends that we thought we’d share with you.

Well, life kind of slowed down for me since becoming pregnant. When we first found out I had 4 weeks left of teaching which I just about managed. I have had top put my nutritional  studies on hold for the time being as I my ability to concentrate is almost next to zero and the intense tiredness that one feels when making a little person has meant that daily chores tire me out quickly.  I have been limited to going to the market every other day, and washing up! Some days I have got out and about but that usually requires lots of rest either the next day or immediately after. According to everything I have been reading, my energy should be coming back now that I am into the 2nd trimester….. I await this stage eagerly!

However, my latest little project, that doesn’t involve too much thinking or walking around, is to record a book in Spanish on my laptop. Our friend A down in Chincha is still living up queer street with his personal problems and life decisions, so we sent him a 70 page document which would help to explain to him where one picks up personal baggage in life and what can be done about it. He has so far managed 4 pages of the introduction – fairly large type. We know he doesn’t like reading but had put it mainly down to laziness until recently. We have now decided that maybe he is just unable to read it. He can read and write, but probably only has to cope with gmail chat, facebook and email which is quite different to a book or document.  We heard recently that Peruvians only understand 10% of what they read. They can read the words but they haven’t been taught reading comprehension. This is an alien concept to our culture, something we take for granted perhaps.

Anyway, my response to this issue is to record the book we gave him to see if that helps in any way, shape or form. If it does, this may give us a tool for the future.

So, today marks the 12 week mark in terms of Rachel’s pregnancy!!!! It’s more high risk being in the high altitude (if you weren’t born there) and Rachel has been told that she can’t leave the altitude until at least week 15, but scans show that the baby is developing well. We have managed to make friends with the top gynaecologist in the area (it’s great – we get free consultations and he takes us out for meals!!) and are getting excellent treatment. We’ve already had a couple of scans done, with the photo below taken at 10 weeks and 4 days old. Apparently, baby size hardly varies around the world until the baby has 20 weeks, so our gynaecologist was very surprised to discover that the baby was already over 12 weeks in terms of size, even in a land where Paul is considered a giant!!

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