We are in Huancayo, Peru working as volunteers with the Peru Children’s Trust
and with prayer support of our home church, Gateway Vineyard in Norwich (UK), and others.

Huancayo is a large (population of 0.5 million) and progressive Peruvian city in the mountains,
which enjoys views of snow-capped peaks on clear days.


Huaytapallana Overlooking Huancayo

Huaytapallana Overlooking Huancayo

It is highly important to Peru, being the major agricultural area supplying goods to the capital, Lima.
It is also conveniently situated on trade routes into the jungle.

The work of the Peru Children’s Trust has gradually developed over the last 20 years and can be largely separated into two main areas: Child Sponsorship for Education (the very poor cannot afford to buy the necessary to send their children to school and many local youth are illiterate) and a Training Centre, where anyone over secondary school age can learn a trade at very low cost that will then help them to find work, earn money for their families and break the poverty cycle.

While as volunteers we would be very keen to hear from anyone wishing to help us financially, details of how to specifically support either of these areas are available on the Peru Children’s Trust website.

As well as being involved in day-to-day management decisions, Paul is involved in many different projects to help the families (money management, savings schemes, water and sanitation, nutrition and home gardening, smokeless stoves) and also teaches business start-up at the Training Centre. Here are further details of his work.

Rachel works at a local language institute, teaching English.

We are not currently involved in leading a church group

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