Down in Lima again in order to take our volunteer, Francesca, back to the airport (successfully done) and get started on the lengthy (why doesn’t that surprise me?!) paperwork process to leave the country next month. I was pleasantly surprised today though to find that I was able to pay ┬áthe administration fee and hand in all the bits of paper within 5 minutes and that there were no nasty surprises, like needing 5 different documents stamped in triplicate on top of the ones I was submitting.

With the right asking nicely letter in hand, we returned to the Ministry of Justice and got our required stamp and then went back to the Department of Migrations and I was very pleased to receive the new sticker on the back of my identity card to show that I don’t have to go through this whole process for another year. Hurrah!

Actually, we’re hoping that we never have to go through it again. We decided whilst out the country that we would be looking to move on when our promised two years with the Peru Children’s Trust expires in July. Of course, I’ll need to have something to move on to, so if I can’t find a job there is still the chance of having to renew again next year but, if only to avoid all the rigmarole, I sincerely hope not!!

The bus journey up into the mountains was fairly uneventful, but I can confirm that Huancayo is still in the rainy season. It was nice to get home though!

Up bright and early to visit the Ministry of Justice (handily only 5 blocks from where we are staying) and got our precious stamp on our precious letter (despite the fact that we didn’t provide the required letter soliciting it!). Hot footed it to the Department of Migrations again and we managed to get the first stage done and the second stage done, which is a relief as today was the last day to do it before getting fined!!

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing. We also found out that that we don’t have all the necessary paperwork for the third and final stage. Fortunately we have 9 more days to complete that one before getting fined, but the sad truth is that there is now a new stage in the process and we need a new signature from, you guessed it, the same lady back at the Ministry of Justice. If only someone had told us that earlier….

We picked up the documents we’d been waiting for yesterday and then discovered that the papers we’d put in last week for the first stage of the renewal process have been rejected. We ran around like headless chickens trying to dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s on every single document we could think of, only to find out that a new process means we need to get a letter counter stamped by a different government department. So, we paid our first visit to the Ministry of Justice and, what do you know…. the one person in the country who can sign our letter is away from the office until Thursday. Nothing can be done apart from spend a couple of days kicking our heels and enjoying a Starbucks or two (only available in Lima, so you’ve got to make the most of it!!)

Documents are in to the Department of Migrations and the first hurdle should be cleared within 24 hours. One down, two to go….

We had hoped that today would be a simple job of picking up the relevant papers from Vineyard (through whom we get our visa), but unfortunately they weren’t all ready, not helped by the fact that they had lost the bit of paper we’d given them with the instruction on about what was required. We ended up having to go to the Public Registry to ask for documents and they won’t be ready for a few days. Tomorrow we’ll put the documents in for stage one of the three stage process, but other than that we cannot make any progress until these other documents come out, so we’ll be going to go to Chincha and visit some friends there who are going through a marital crisis.

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