Been down to the Training Centre to catch up on where my business related courses are up to. Seems like David, the Director of Education, has done a good job in my absence and he’s been very complementary about the materials (even suggesting that they have changed the whole ethos of the Training Centre and given the students a hope for the future) – it was a job to convince him to let me take them on now that I’m back!!

Tomorrow, I’ll be meeting Manuel, my boss, and chatting about my future here, hopefully coming to some arrangement that is mutually suitable.

After a bit of an all-nighter, I have finally got to the stage of having all 4 courses ready… just need to go an find a printer… Hoping that they should all be ready for tomorrow

I am done in and how wonderful it would be to enjoy a day off tomorrow before the camp starts with 150 kids but, unfortunately, it is the only chance I have, before being out of action for a while, to visit the community where I am doing the Home Gardening Project and speak with the folk there about what they would like to plant and what size of garden they can make available. Never thought that a kids camp would be my opportunity to rest!!

The fly is halfway out of the ointment. I’ve now got 3 course texts books finished (for 10 weeks only) and 1 of the teachers’ books. Could still be a long day tomorrow though…

Just found out that I’d been planning for academic terms lasting 11 weeks (based on my experience last year) and that this year we’ve decided to have 4 terms of 10 weeks instead. That means rewriting the courses so that they can now fit in to the time allowed – and it was a squeeze before!!

So, 48 hours to go and now no courses ready!!!

Now written the 3rd course…. wrist is aching ever so slightly!!

Second course has been printed off and now I’ve just got to go through with the proverbial fine-toothed comb and find my mistakes. Hope to get around 50 copies of my text books from the printers on Friday!!

My colleague, the Education Director, tells me that he’s very impressed with the course and it is just what the students need – that was encouraging to hear after having slaved away at it!!

Just one week to go and I now have draft versions of 2 of my courses written – off to the printers tomorrow to get it bound and then it’ll be a mad few days reading it all carefully for errors. To make matters more complicated, because we’re transitioning from giving 3 months of classes to a whole year, there is going to be one group who start in the middle – they’re going to need their own special blend of the 2 courses I’ve just written. Ho hum!

The annual children’s camp starts next week and I have SO much to do beforehand, because after that I’ll be out of action until the end of March and around 70 students will be taking my new courses on Business Start-Up by then (with a stand-in teacher). That means I need to write the teachers’ materials and the text books in the next few days. Gulp!

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