The party in the park, which we thought happened elsewhere (thus saving us from sleepness nights) a couple of weeks ago, was obviously something else. The party in the park we were hoping to avoid this year, is now being set up in front of our house as I write! This means we are in for 3 nights of very loud (terrible) music.

This challenges our patience and especially our ability to maintain patience and a smiling face despite a lack of sleep… not to mention the people dancing (form of: trying to fly) and getting incredibly drunk outside our front door!

Oh joy!

  3 Responses to “We were wrong..!”

  1. It all looks really colourful to me! But i gather that it’s a blessing not to have the sound !

  2. Yes, really colourful. But terrible music. We do have video, we haven’t managed to put it on the blog yet. it is the third night running now and they were at it all day too…. the same thing over and over and over and over….

  3. Oh no! I hope it’s all over now and you’ve had a few nights of decent sleep!

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