With the right asking nicely letter in hand, we returned to the Ministry of Justice and got our required stamp and then went back to the Department of Migrations and I was very pleased to receive the new sticker on the back of my identity card to show that I don’t have to go through this whole process for another year. Hurrah!

Actually, we’re hoping that we never have to go through it again. We decided whilst out the country that we would be looking to move on when our promised two years with the Peru Children’s Trust expires in July. Of course, I’ll need to have something to move on to, so if I can’t find a job there is still the chance of having to renew again next year but, if only to avoid all the rigmarole, I sincerely hope not!!

The bus journey up into the mountains was fairly uneventful, but I can confirm that Huancayo is still in the rainy season. It was nice to get home though!

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