Well, this month was going to be pretty busy, especially for Paul. He is currently organising the annual camp for the kids of the association. He can only attend 2 days of it as then he has to travel down to Lima to pick up friends from the airport and then attend, and translate at, the Vineyard conference. This is followed by a week up in Huancayo with Arthur and Pete from Plymouth Vineyard… and THEN a 3 – week trip to Paraguay at the beginning of March.

I, on the other hand, was going to be here, mostly studying this month before the group arrived in Huancayo…

However, some friends of ours in Chincha are facing a personal crisis that requires our immediate attention. It is so sad that the Peruvian culture doesn’t leave room for people to trust others, especially in crucial moments. This particular couple don’t feel able to talk to anyone down there, despite a potentially failed marriage and a desire to die… we can’t let this go without at least one of us going down. That would be ME! Paul is so busy for the next two weeks that it can’t possibly be him – unless the situation gets worse, in which case I shall insist he drops everything and meets me down there!

So, Wednesday I make my way to Lima (7-8 hours), stay the night with friends, then go on down to Chincha (3 hours) on Thursday. I shall be there until the end of the conference (19th Feb), at which point I shall take the husband of the couple up to Lima to spend time with Paul and the Pastors.

My aim during the week and a half that I am there will be to listen, listen and listen and hopefully help the couple to a) communicate, b) see that there is hope c) become more informed of the issues going on in their lives d) spend time with the wife (the husband often talks to Paul online) and, e) pray with them both and ask God to heal. That last bit is going to be a challenge for me as I have really struggled to see God at work here… I am hoping he will change my perspective on that one.

Generally going back to Chincha is not something I relish the thought of. Emotionally I will find it very difficult, aside from the principle reason for which I am going. I have requested the presence and help of a trusted friend in Lima (who is male) to be with me for an evening down in Chincha as it is inappropriate for me to be counselling a man on his/my own. After that I will have to to be careful what I do in order to be of help but not put myself in any awkward position as the main crisis principally involves the husband.

Please everyone remember and pray for me.

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