So, it all starts once again…. Given my love(?!) of filling in application forms, I guess I chose the wrong profession, seeing as development jobs are usually relatively short contracts. Nevermind, at least, I’ll end up with a job I love at the end of it, just hope that it doesn’t take too many applications to find the right one!

Today the form filling has begun, with an application to work with a major children-focussed¬†international charity (INGO) and be involved in a junior project management capacity for a new programme they are developing. It would require travel, but be based back in the UK; in London to be precise. It definitely sounds interesting and great experience for me…

Got a couple more opportunities in the pipeline, so will just have to see what comes up. Watch this space as they say!!

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  1. Unfortunately, hear today that this opportunity was not for me. At least it was nice to get a reply!

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