Well, I’m glad to say that the iPod is back. It took a fair bit of patience and being fairly assertive, but he eventually went to his work where he had left it to retrieve it for me. Not the most sensible crime, seeing as (as opposed to what he stole from us before) we use it often and were sure to notice that it was missing. He also told us where he lives!!

How do we respond from here? I’ve told him he’s no longer welcome at the house, at least until he can show that he is wholly to be trusted (which I don’t expect to happen before we leave Peru). God must have a pretty tough job when it comes to metering out both mercy and justice…

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  1. Man this kinda thing is tough. I remember when some good friends of ours from church had their unruly tenant steal not only from them, but also used the spare keys they held for friends to steal from them too (gadgets, laptop, a car, the V5 and spare keys for another car…). Glad to say I was involved in apprehending him!

  2. That sounds like a story worth telling….

  3. When you come round for dinner when you’re home, I’ll tell you! 😉

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