We don’t really know why, but this time last year there was a huge drunken party in the park right outside our house continuously for about 3 days and nights. This year, fortunately, we have been spared this joy. Judging by the sound of it, it seems to have shifted location to a few blocks away, although given the volume of the party last year, it could even be the other side of the city and we’d still be hearing it!! We’re now aware of it at all times, but it is not so ear-splittingly loud that we can’t sleep.

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  1. There’s a house near us that usually has a few parties each year – they’ve got their own stage and set up a big sound system with a live band… obviously it doesn’t last 3 days (as we’d have the environmental health people round before then!) but it does often go on until midnight. The weird thing is, they always play the same song – from the 80s, with a very distinctive synth sound (can’t remember what it’s called but I’m sure Anna could) and more recently someone from another house had a party in their garden and managed to find that song – and played it at super-high volume, which amused Anna and me…!

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