When flying back over the Atlantic, I apparently had an organisation phone me in Peru and invite me to take part in a pre-interview by phone. Given that I was never going to get that message, it was fortunate that they followed it up a few days later with an email. The pre-interview came around and I did enough, it seems, for them to invite me to a final interview and assessment day. That was Tuesday. Late on Wednesday afternoon I got a call to say that I have a job!!!! I’m soon to become (on the 17th of October) a Country Programme Manager for World Vision UK. Having started to apply for jobs in April and got nowhere, the timing of this job couldn’t have been more perfect. In fact, we’ve just seen God’s hand at work throughout the whole application process.

For the uninitiated, World Vision is the largest grassroots development charity in the world; a massive organisation working in nearly a hundred countries, with their main focus being work with and for children. The UK office is responsible for fundraising and obtaining grants to run programmes in countries all around the world through the national offices in those countries. My job will be to manage the relationship between the UK office and the national offices in Bolivia and Honduras and make sure that UK-funded projects in those countries are running smoothly. I will mainly be working out of the Head Office in Milton Keynes, but with frequent trips to these countries to meet and build relationship with the people there and see the work on the ground for myself.

Rachel and I are now beginning the process of looking for somewhere to rent in Milton Keynes.

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